The following ZIPed file containing 16 files (12 are in AutoCad 12 .dwg and 4 are in Word 7.0 .doc format) are for a CC rebreather I built using zinc-air batteries as the oxygen sensors. Download at your own risk. I don't supply hard copies, AutoCad assistance, or assume ANY responsibility for those who might try this idea. Bluntly, if you don't know exactly what you are getting into, you will die.
You will need a fully equipped machine shop (lathe, milling machine, etc.) to build most of these parts.

If you don't have AutoCad, there are some good .dwg viewers at
And if you need PKZIP to unzip the file, it's at
And here are some photos:
The whole thing Top View of the Manifold and Electronics  A front view
Aluminum pressure vessel hogout Main Printed Circuit Boards  The LED display
Side View of the Manifold and Electronics Power switch, second stage, and hoses An underside view of the manifold and housing

Would I change anything? Of course. Someday I'll add a shut-off for the mouthpiece to prevent flooding when it's not in use. The breathing hoses could use a little weight so they don't pull so much. The schematic and circuit boards could use some refinement. A secondary PO2 display based on the sensor voltage would be nice. Acrylic (polymethylmethacrylate, i.e. plexiglas) is a no-no for absorbent canisters, but Lexan (polycarbonate) seems OK, etc, etc, etc.

I'm into my 3rd year diving this unit. PO2 has been verified against a Ceramatech "Handi" oxygen sensor. Overall, I'm pretty pleased.

And here's a link to the IBM patent server. Look up US patent number US 5902467 for an oxygen sensor using zinc-air batteries. The patent was applied for after I built my 'breather and discussed it on the web. Hmmm.....


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