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Welcome to the Official Golden Gate Navioneers Home Page

The Golden Gate Navioneers are a group of Navion owners, pilots and enthusiasts in Northern California and surrounding areas who have joined together to share the love of these remarkable airplanes. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the preservation and flight of Navions. Dues are modest and we hope you will feel that the rewards are great. Please join us at one of our events and see if you don't agree.

Yours truly, Ken Whittall-Scherfee


Greetings from Sacramento!

Ken Whittall-Scherfee
President, Golden Gate Navioneers

Home: (916) 977-9701
Office: (916) 486-0961

For membership and other quires about the Golden Gate Navioneers chapter contact:

Ken Whittall-Scherfee - President
Golden Gate Navioneers
Phone: (916) 966-9701

Johannes Verhoek - Treasurer
1326 New Hampshire Drive
Concord, California 94521


Back issues of the Newsletter are in the Newsletter section.


Every Navion site has to have photos and I can't seem to break with tradition. Here they are!


These are Links to other Navion related sites and resources.

Navion Maintenance Forms and Information

Check out the new 377 Cache. Find what you need to get through the FAA paperwork.

As a new Navion owner I'm starting to collect information that may be of use to other's. Some of this comes from other Navion interest sites on the web and some comes from other sources. Some of this will be old news but some is hot off the presses. This is especially true if you haven't done a 337 lately. - Bill (Webmaster)

A message from the web hosts: If anyone has pictures from past events, chapter Navions or articles they would like to have published of interest to the chapter please let us know.

Fly Safe, Bill & Gail N5413K - Web hosts

Fun Stuff:
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